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April 30, 2017 – Here are some various things.

  1. There is a new album coming form Atlanteans some time this year. We are now in the mixing phase.
  2. There are some upcoming performances for 2017 that are now confirmed.
  3. We will be taking part in The Lido’s residency program for the month of August in Vancouver. Weekly Tuesday shows starting on August 8th.
  4. Atlanteans will be playing Sled Island in Calgary AB this year!!
Spring Mini-Tour
May 30 - NYC - Pete's Candy Store 709 Lorimer St, Broooklyn, NY

June 2 - NYC - Tender Trap 66 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY

June 3 - Montreal - w/ Tonnes and Red Mass Casa Del Popolo (Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival) - 4873 St Laurent Blvd.

June 6 - Toronto - TBA
Sled Island (Calgary)
June 21 - 25 - Saturday June 24 8:00pm at Tubby Dog. More info here.
Lido Residency (Vancouver)
August 8 - Original compositions by Atlanteans

August 15 - Collaborations - Full list of participants TBA

August 22 - Electronic dance music

August 29 - Cover songs (list will be published in advance) and original compositions...hope to have LP's by this date!...

John B has been up to his usual business. Here are some cool shit.

The Temporal Drum – Teaser

— (Dashes w/ John Brennan and Elisa Ferarri)



Fresh Juice….FAT STACKS

Purchase on Bandcamp!


Aug 30, 2016    —   A few pics of last Tues.’s show courtesy of Bill Batt and Constantine Katsiris.


Aug 1, 2016 – A Show! – Atlanteans will be performing on August 23rd at The Lido (518 E Broadway) in Vancouver.

AAAAND we’ll be announcing NYC dates soon.

AAAAAAAND Constantine just informed us that our weird little album “Cluster” has been downloaded almost 1000 times so that’s cool too!


June 24, 2016 –

Where we lived and worked for the past 2 weeks in Vienna. There will be an Atlanteans//Ventil release from these sessions later this year and hopefully some shows in what’s left of the EU and also Van. Also, new Atlanteans material recorded in the doctor house. So much thanks to all the super cool people who put on this crazy festival and hosted us for this residency. #realdeal #ventil #atlanteans #godsentertainment


April 22, 2016 – Been digging around in the HDD again and found some recordings from the very very first days of Atlanteans; since before the waters crept in. B-sides. Talk To Yourself has a bit of phantom piano made from the noise of a guitar leaned up against the kick drum converted to midi…sounds a bit jazzy  Open Hands Sign on Apple iOS 9.3.


Jan 14, 2015 – Digging through the Atlanteans stuff I found this little nugg. Please to consume. Eat! Eat!


Jan 4, 2015 – Rockers University // Sunday Session – Various

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